Multi-media LABS

SEMEL/BRI IT supports the computing needs of faculty, staff, and students by providing multimedia computer labs for personal coursework, training, and instructional use.

The labs are available to all SEMEL/BRI faculty, intern resident, staff, undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in SEMEL\BRI Sales and Service IT Portal. SEMEL/BRI has two labs available for instructional purposes during the academic year.

The main labs are located at SEMEL B3-380


Accounts & Reservations

For lab reservations please contact Beverly Cosand/Ernesto Vazquez:

  • Lab Accounts
  • Reserving a Lab

Hours, Printing & Policies

Drop-in access is available during regular hours. Reservations receive priority:

  • Lab Hours
  • Printing
  • Lab Policies

PC Hardware & Software

Windows-based PCs provide software for SEMEL/BRI instruction:

  • Hardware
  • Software

Stay Connected!

Keep up to date with ongoing SEMEL/BRI Labs updates:

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