Report A Problem!

Use any of the following methods to report a problem to the SEMEL/BRI IT Help Desk.  


This website explains our services and includes tips, frequently asked questions (FAQs), how-to and troubleshooting information, and information about the Help Desk Analysts.


The SEMEL/BRI Help Desk was established to provide information and technical assistance to personnel across SEMEL/BRI. The SEMEL/BRI Help Desk endeavors to offer patient, concerned, and informed assistance to callers.

The SEMEL/BRI Help Desk IT Analyst who answers your call will assure that your question or support request is handled efficiently.  Our goal is to resolve 80% or more of your calls while you are on the phone to the Help Desk.  The SEMEL/BRI Help Desk Analyst will assign those requests that require additional resources to the appropriate support personnel, such as a desktop technician to provide onsite support. 

When the item is so assigned, the SEMEL/BRI Help Desk Analyst will provide you with a reference number for the service request.  If you need to call back regarding the item, having your reference number handy will speed our service in providing you with an update.

SEMEL/BRI IT Help Desk Analysts are available 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.


The SEMEL/BRI Help Desk offers assistance with 

  • Passwords
  • Logging on
  • Clinical and financial applications
  • Printing problems
  • Microsoft software
  • Hardware
  • Networking

For more information about our services, click the Services link at the top of the page.  You can also download and print a Help Desk flyer that explains our services, contains a list of helpful resources, and has information about your user IDs and passwords.

When to call the SEMEL/BRI Help Desk

For the following types of problems, we recommend that you always call the Help Desk at 4HELP (794-4357):

  • Your password is revoked
  • Your account is locked out

For the following problems, feel free to call the Help Desk at 4HELP (794-4357) or click one of the links for self help.

  • Printers and printing
  • Network connections

Help the SEMEL/BRI Help Desk help you

We want to help you!  Here are some suggestions to help us help you.

  • Be as specific as possible about your problem.  This will help us focus on your problem with fewer questions to you.
  • Follow our prompts.  Over time our instructions change, so please listen carefully as we give them.
  • Be at a computer when you call to have your password reset so we can walk you through changing it to make sure it works.
  • Have a new password ready.  Whenever we reset your password, you'll need to come up with a new one.  You might want to think of a new password before you call so we can help you faster.

Thanks!  We appreciate your help!

Ideas on how we might improve  SEMEL/BRI Help Desk service?

It is our intention to surpass your expectations in providing prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and effective service.  If we do not meet your expectations, we want to know so that we can remedy both the immediate situation and our overall quality of customer service.  Should you have any concerns or suggestions for improvement, please contact the IT Director-Boston Chiou or Help Desk Supervisor-Beverly Cosand,  (by email, by phone at 206-3886, or by pager on 95355).